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How Nick Masset is like Craig Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel threw over 1,400 curveballs without allowing a home run, before surrendering one to Bryce Harper. Who now owns his spot atop the homerless leaderboards?

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Koji Uehara’s second-half dominance

Look, Koji Uehara wasn’t “good” for the Red Sox last year. The cupcake I got from the deli last week was good. My parking spot at the mall last weekend was good. “Good” just doesn’t cut it.

Uehara was incredible. Although he started the season as the Red Sox’ third-string closer*, Uehara took over the job at the end of June and posted a 1.34 FIP through the end of the season. At one point, he retired 37 straight batters, a feat which Baseball Prospectus’ Sam Miller estimated had a probability of 1-in-2 million.

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